Welcome to Working by Gaslight.

We hope you’re well, and that these times find you as healthy as can be.

However, like many of us, you might be finding yourself processing past traumas at work. When opportunities arose for you to be mentored, you were managed out instead. When you thought you were venting to a coworker, they threw you under the bus to your superior.

Maybe each of us, as individuals, really are the common denominator in all of our experiences of workplace trauma.

Or maybe—just maybe—we really were really victims of bad leaders, toxic culture, and negative circumstances.

Why Us? Why Now?

Working by Gaslight is a place where the truth could be told.

We wanted to create a place to ask questions like:

Why does my boss continuously get away with sexual harassment?

Why am I the one being told I’m a bad teammate when others are more untrustworthy?

How can bad leadership not only be allowed to persist, but thrive?

And we wanted to hear your stories, too.

We have only begun the journey...

to shine a light on every jerk that has caused harm using the disguise of strong leadership, or the phrase ‘it’s nothing personal,’ or the million other vacuous nothings that explain away our collective trauma on a daily basis.

It is our hope that you can find a community here, and a little hope.

Let’s start the process of turning the tables.

Change starts with telling the truth, one story at a time. Will you tell yours?